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Why do I need IMO/SOLAS/WheelMark compliant products?

It's the Law! -  All OffShore vessels, beds and bedding need to comply with relevant SOLAS IMO regulations. In addition, all EU registered vessels must have WheelMarked certified products, where required. In the USA mattresses and other products requirea US Coast Guard Approval Number.

Ship Shape IMO products are multi-compliant with IMO, SOLAS, WheelMark & USCG!



What is: IMO, MED, WheelMark, SOLAS, FTP, MCA, MLC, USCG number?
There is a huge amount of jargon but to simplify things this is the easiest way to understand it.

  1. The IMO (International Maritime Organisation) governs the Fire Safety rules for international waters.
  2. SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) sets the safety standard for the IMO who publish the FTP (Fire Test Procedures)
  3. In addition to the IMO standards, the MED (Marine Equipment Directive) stipulates a need for quality assurance and consistency on certain listed products for most EEC registered vessels.
  4. The WheelMark is the sign of compliance to the MED Fire Safety Standards and thus also IMO SOLAS where applied.
  5. In the UK, the MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) is the agency responsible for ensuring that companies adhere to the IMO and MED standards and issues the WheelMark as a mark of compliance.
  6. The USCG (United States Coast Guard) number is the USA equivalent of the MED and all of our WheelMark products bear the corresponding USCG equipment number.
  7. MLC (Maritime Labour Convention) calls for all mattresses to be on a ventilated base.


  • Mattresses & Toppers
  • Bed Sheets
  • Duvets
  • Duvet Covers & Pillow Cases
  • Pillows
  • Curtains
  • Upholstery Fabrics & Carpets
  • Blankets



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Legislation is continually getting tighter. Insurance companies, authorities and surveyors need to find areas of weakness and make examples of companies, both large and small, that are not in compliance – it’s their job!

Today, more than ever, ship and rig operators have a duty of care to their staff and if blame can be found, it will be.

Ship shape IMO is here to help you navigate the hugely complex mandatory requirements and has one of the largest ranges of IMO Solas, UK MER Ensign, US Coast Guard and MED WheelMark bedding, mattresses, carpets, curtains, lockers, and bathroom & bedroom equipment in the world.

Many of our products are "multi-compliant" meaning they have passed Solas, WheelMark, Crib[source] 5 or 7 and the USCG - these products will reasonably meet any foreseeable need, question or challenge!

If in doubt give us a call - it costs you nothing and could save you the world!