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About Us

Ship Shape IMO is a division of Ship Shape World Ltd.  We are an International Mattress Operation based in the UK with UK production facilities. We are a Marine focused organization and know and understand the differing needs of life aboard yachts and ships.
What is ideal for a mattress on a domestic bed may well be completely wrong in a marine environment. There are many conflicting pressures while some factors remain consistent. For example you still want the same degree of comfort, support for the spine and to awake feeling fully refreshed as on a domestic bed.   But in addition the bed will need to cope with a range aggressive environments and additional needs.


Ship Shape IMO Approved Mattresses - Why are they so special?

Our mattress are designed for the marine environment by people that have been there and understand your different needs.

•             We know that the beds are often on solid base that generate more condensation under than in a home situation.

•             We know that there are different qualities required by Guests, Owners, Officers and Crew.

•             We know that many beds particularly on working boats and rigs will be subjected to moisture ingress, grease and oil.

•             We understand that frequently some beds may be used by more than one crew member ‘hot bunking’ or sharing facilities on shift.

•             Materials used may sometimes be resistant to mildew, mould, damp and even infections.

And of course the sizes, dimensions and fit can be very different to domestic beds and will vary around the vessel.



“At Ship Shape IMO we pride ourselves on our customer service, our expert

knowledge and practical experience.”

Paul Hallatt

Owner and Managing Director

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Ship Shape IMO is a subsidery of Ship Shape World Ltd

For Pleasure Crafts & Private Customers please see our sister company Ship Shape Bedding


Legislation is continually getting tighter. Insurance companies, authorities and surveyors need to find areas of weakness and make examples of companies, both large and small, that are not in compliance – it’s their job!

Today, more than ever, ship and rig operators have a duty of care to their staff and if blame can be found, it will be.

Ship shape IMO is here to help you navigate the hugely complex mandatory requirements and has one of the largest ranges of IMO Solas, UK MER Ensign, US Coast Guard and MED WheelMark bedding, mattresses, carpets, curtains, lockers, and bathroom & bedroom equipment in the world.

Many of our products are "multi-compliant" meaning they have passed Solas, WheelMark, Crib[source] 5 or 7 and the USCG - these products will reasonably meet any foreseeable need, question or challenge!

If in doubt give us a call - it costs you nothing and could save you the world!