Cabin Safety


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                 "Keep your Insurance Valid … Use SOLAS IMO and MED WheelMark
            Boat Mattresses, Bedding, Flooring, Carpets and more…"

"Sleep Well - Be Safe¨  There are enough hazards at sea without adding sleep deprived crew and officers into the equation!  Well rested crew are able to make better decisions, react faster and are less stressed,  all of which helps to ensure a smooth running vessel - It’s a good investment!


Most fires start in the galley, engine room or cabins - make sure it’s not on your watch!


● “Insurers always look for mitigating factors to reduce pay outs”
● “Surveyors and Port Officials have the powers to fine or block movements of vessels for failure to comply with required standards”
● “Health & Safety and the M.L.C. are legally enforceable”
Can you afford non-compliance and it’s possible ramifications?


It is every owner or operators responsibility to ensure that products comply with their vessels particular code and requirements.


You have a Duty of Care - If in doubt, be safe

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Legislation is always getting tighter. Insurance companies, authorities and surveyors need to find areas of weakness and make example of companies both large and small that are not in compliance - its their job!


Today more than ever Ship and Rig operators have a Duty of Care and if blame can be found it normally will be.


Ship Shape IMO is here to help you through the hugely complex requirements and have one of the largest ranges of IMO SOLAS and WheelMark Bedding, Mattresses, Carpets, Curtains, Lockers, Bathroom and Bedroom Equipment in the World.


Many of our products are "multi-compliant" meaning they have passed SOLAS, WheelMark, Crib[Source] 5 or 7 and the USCG - These products are likely to meet any foreseeable need / question or challenge!


If in doubt give us a call - it costs you nothing and could safe you the world!