WheelMark bedding, mattresses, Duvets Pillows carpets and curtains

                 "Keep your Insurance Valid … Use SOLAS/IMO FTP Compliant and MED WheelMark
            Boat Mattresses, Bedding, Flooring, Carpets and more…"

OffShore SOLAS IMO & WheelMark Cabins
Mattresses, Bedding, Furniture, Curtains, Flooring & More...

Ship Operators Have a Duty of Care

Fires Most Commonly Break-out in Cabins, Kitchens and Engine Rooms  

If in doubt, be safe!

Ship Shape IMO Offshore Cabin Hard and Soft Furnishings are designed for the rugged use at sea. They are to be found on Shipping and Oil and Gas Rigs around the UK, Europe and international route around the World.
Ship Shape IMO has one of largest ranges of IMO SOLAS and WheelMark Compliant Cabin products in the world.
Including Mattresses, Bedding, Duvets/ comforters/Quilts, Pillows, Sheets and Mattress Protectors, and under Mattress ventilation layer that stops the build-up mould, mildew and bacteria. Also Curtains and Blinds including shower curtains, Cabin Lockers, Carpets, Flooring and Textiles for use in Ships and Oil and Gas Rigs.
All our Ship and Rig Bed and Bedding products are especially designed to meet the stringent safety standards required by Offshore commercial vessels and are compliant with a range of SOLAS, IMO, MED WHEELMARK, CRIB / Source 5 or 7 Fire Safety Standards. All our WheelMarked products are also compatible with the USCG Us Coast Guard

The WheelMark


The WheelMark Logo on our marine ship Mattresses, Ships Bedding, Flooring and Curtains is your guarantee that the ship Cabin equipment and soft furnishings meets the stringent safety standards of the Marine Equipment Directive(MED) and the IMO SOLAS and is approved by the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency, (MCA). These ships items are also compliant with the US Coast Guard USCG.


Take Fire Seriously

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Legislation is always getting tighter. Insurance companies, authorities and surveyors need to find areas of weakness and make example of companies both large and small that are not in compliance - its their job!


Today more than ever Ship and Rig operators have a Duty of Care and if blame can be found it normally will be.


Ship Shape IMO is here to help you through the hugely complex requirements and have one of the largest ranges of IMO SOLAS and WheelMark Bedding, Mattresses, Carpets, Curtains, Lockers, Bathroom and Bedroom Equipment in the World.


Many of our products are "multi-compliant" meaning they have passed SOLAS, WheelMark, Crib[Source] 5 or 7 and the USCG - These products are likely to meet any foreseeable need / question or challenge!


If in doubt give us a call - it costs you nothing and could safe you the world!