Mattress Ventilation

DRY-Mat® - Mattress Ventilation Underlay

  • Creates the Ventilation Gap Under Mattresses Required by the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC)
  • The Simplest Solution - takes less than 5 minutes per bunk
  • Stops Condensation Build Up - significantly reducing bacterial & fungal growth under mattresses
  • DRY-Mat will increase the life of your mattresses
  • DRY-Mat can be washed at up to 60° - the temperature that kills bed bugs
  • DRY-Mat will last many years and does not degrade or fray in normal use


Any Sizes Available!


Dry mat anti condensation underlay under a boats mattress

Standard Stock Sizes Code
80cm x 200cm DM20080
90cm x 200cm DM20090
100cm x 200cm DM200100
Other Sizes available on request
DRY-Mat can be supplied as individual rolls or bulk packed.
  IMG 0189
Quick & Easy to Fit!

Simply take the mattress off the bed base, lie the DRY-Mat on the
wooden boards so that it covers the full area and replace the mattress. 

There is no need to fix it down! 

The measurements do not need to be precise as DRY-Mat will adapt
to fit. 

Any significant shaped corners, bulkheads or angled sides can
simply be cut with good scissors if needed. 

The edges do not need finishing and do not fray.  

DRY-Mat will last many years, increasing the life of the mattress and
the health of the crew!